Narcisssistic Abuse Coaching

Get your questions answered, get validation, compassion, and support. I am here for you!

Learning you have been the victim of a narcissist can shatter everything you hold dear, your sense of security and the truths you believed are probably in a tailspin. Our minds begin to play tricks on us and we learn our lives were a lie and we start to question everything.

How are you doing? Are you walking around in a fog, mixed with a mixture of anger, fear, and depression? Because our minds go into a fight, flight or freeze, physical symptoms start to manifest, and you may be in CPTSD.

Our friends and family members just don’t know how to help you anymore and you might feel all alone. There are some great therapists out there, but they generally have limited knowledge of narcissistic abuse, the lies, the completely horrific way they are smearing your name. How do you move on?

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