evaluating your social media strategy and online presence

Social Media Consulting: What you need to Know

Today, your online strategy and digital presence is the cornerstone of your brand. Getting a handle on what’s working best, how to craft a consistent message, tweaking the delivery and knowing where to focus your efforts is going to make a huge difference in your ROI. So where do you begin?

Tracy Malone is skilled in web design, WordPress, social media strategy and branding.  Following her review of your current approach, you will receive a list of actionable items to enhance and improve your results. Your team will learn:
  • which platforms are performing best and if there are others you should include
  • what types of campaigns are driving leads and conversions
  • how to create an engaging brand that appeals to your target audience
  • how to convey your company-wide message consistently
  • how to develop an on-going content strategy/editorial calendar
  • if your website design and function is supporting your brand
  • how to employ proven SEO methods so your message is found by your target market

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Building a Powerful Online Strategy

Depending on what your “audit” reveals, you can select the areas you’d like to address first. Tracy provides consulting and training on the following topics:
  1. Website design and function: design, navigation, plug-ins, blogs, testimonials, etc.
  2. SEO best practices: keywords, meta-tags, page structure, calls to action, etc.
  3. Metrics: key performance indicators (KPI’s), trends, click-through rates, opt-ins, etc.
  4. Social media strategy: best platforms, tone/style, message, promotions, contests, campaigns, etc.

More about Social Media Strategy:  Everything begins with a precise understanding of your current clients as well as future potential customers. Successful brands know that you have a better chance of resonating with the right customers when you send a message that solves their problems and addresses their specific concerns.  “One-size-fits-all” generic messaging is not a strategy that works.

Once you define your company-wide message, you can refine it further to reach specific groups with content that provides usable information, speaks to their needs, expands their knowledge or entertains them… and you present all that content in interesting ways: infographics, case studies, press releases, video, contests, promotions, customer appreciation and more.

Then… you’ll develop a process (strategy) for:
  • What channels your audience uses most
  • How often to post and what days/times are best
  • How to respond to comments (negative and positive)
  • How to measure your success - metrics
  • How to re-purpose “evergreen” content
  • What tone/style works best
  • What response or action you’re asking for in each campaign
  • How different campaigns support and interact with each other
  • Your main media – video, graphic, text, newsletter
  • Your image structure: what does your typical post look like?


Automate your Social Media Marketing

So – now you have evaluated your current approach, determined what you want to improve and have defined your message and audience.  How do you keep it all going so you can really make an impact? You need a system to keep you on schedule: using an automated tool will save you time and allow you to organize your content, releasing specific pieces according your social media strategy.

There are numerous online options that allow you to schedule your posts ahead of time, select your platforms and “spread the word” in a consistent, appropriate manner for your brand. One that I like is called, Edgar. It allows you to create content categories and build a content library so you can easily track which types of posts you’re sending and when.

Another popular service is HootSuite. It provides analytics, allows team collaboration, provides security and much more. For tweet-scheduling, FutureTweets is easy to use: just type your tweet, select your date and time and it’s scheduled! LaterBro is a free service where you can schedule future posts to either Facebook or Twitter. Needless to say, there are plenty of options, both paid and free, that allow you to pre-schedule your posts and keep track of your content delivery.

Start crafting a powerful, social media strategy that creates measurable results. Call 303‑459‑2686 or contact Tracy to schedule an appointment to evaluate your current approach and get the feedback and training you need.

“Tracy is an amazing communicator – she is so full of ideas and is on the cutting edge of what’s hot and trending in social media and on the web.”