Learning you have been the victim of a narcissist can shatter everything you hold dear, your sense of security and the truths you believed are probably in a tailspin. Our minds begin to play tricks on us and we learn our lives were a lie and we start to question everything.

How are you doing? Are you walking around in a fog, mixed with a mixture of anger, fear, and depression? Because our minds go into fight, flight or freeze, physical symptoms start to manifest, and you may be in CPTSD.

Our friends and family members just don’t know how to help us anymore and you might feel all alone. There are some great therapists out there, but they generally have a limited knowledge of narcissistic abuse, the lies, the completely horrific way they are smearing your name. How do you move on?
Learn the facts, and learn what might happen next because being prepared empowers you.

I base my sessions on what you need, and they are done on zoom. Each session is 50 minutes and I will do my best to give you some next steps, so you can start to feel in control again.

Do you have any of these questions?

  • Was s/he a narcissist?
  • What just happened?
  • What can I expect next?
  • Do you have a narcissistic parent or family member and you need to break free, but guilt and old recordings keep your trauma bonded to them?
  • Are you ready to heal and just don’t know how to move on? I can help
  • Are you divorcing a narcissist and you head is spinning at the lies they are telling about you? I will share with you how can you prepare and ease your fears.
  • Maybe you are co-parenting and you are facing struggles no parent should face. You need to be strong for the kids, let’s talk some strategies so you can get through each day.
  • Maybe you were doing pretty good, but something just triggered you and the flow of emotions are putting you into a spiral. Let me talk you out of that spiral, learning some great tools to empower yourself.

I understand exactly how you feel because I have been there. I would like to help you get through this time with hope and grace.

If you need direction and someone that understands and listens with a compassionate ear. Join me for a 50 minute session.

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