inside my head

A tool is just a tool – skills define you

General Thoughts

  • We all share a common enemy – “Google”
  • Everyone has a story to tell – tell yours- show passion
  • Be helpful – don’t just sell – educate your customers
  • Fascinate with your knowledge, have fun or go home
  • No one cares about you until they understand what you do and how you can help them
  • Talking to their pain engages visitors

Website Thoughts

  • Everyone wants to be on page one of google
  • Not everyone CAN be on page one for everything
  • Websites are the core of any business, they are a 24 hour salesperson
  • Do not think of a website as a set it and forget it thing
  • Most websites do not address the “pain” of someone that brought them to you, relating that you understand their pain makes them trust you
  • Website navigation is usually backwards

SEO Thoughts

  • Most companies overlook organic SEO –foundations need to be set up
  • Permalinks are the easiest things to improve (404 redirects please)
  • Forwarded domain names hold NO SEO juice
  • Your website is not the only thing that needs SEO
  • "Write for people" means use key terms they use to find you and give them solutions – search engines will reward you

Social Thoughts

  • Every business needs to be in as many social sandboxes as they can AS long as they commit to being in that world and publishing content
  • Not every platform is needed for every business
  • If you are not going to work the social – get the link off your site
  • People that say social doesn’t work – are not doing it right
  • Get professional help to show you the possibilities

Social Footprint

  • Not just social – it’s what people find when they “google” you
  • That coveted first page position is going to be filled with social answers are you controlling that or are you letting it control you?
  • You have the power to control the message
  • Bad reviews happen – certain types of people take their hate online embrace/address them
  • Good reviews are in your control – ask for them
  • Building followers builds trust and the KLT factor