Coaching Cancellation Policy

CANCELLATION POLICY/NO-SHOW POLICY: I understand I am welcome to come to any part of my scheduled session, even if I must be late. If I am running late, I will confirm with Tracy with an email to let her know. If I do not give notice that I will be late, my appointment will be forfeited after the first 15 minutes and a session deducted from my account.

If I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, I understand I can use the link in the appointment or reminder to reschedule and I will try give Tracy twenty-four (24) hours’ notice to avoid the deduction of a session. I understand failure to attend a session without giving notice will result in that session being deducted from my total paid sessions.

I understand that exceptions for unforeseen or unavoidable situations are at Tracy’s discretion but realize that this creates vacant scheduling that could have been offered to another client with ample notice. I understand that I will not be charged if I have a death in my immediate family or an emergency hospitalization for myself or an immediate family member.

EMERGENCY APPOINTMENTS: In the instance that a client requests an emergency appointment, Tracy will do her best to accommodate which typically involves shifting her existing schedule. In this case, Tracy will charge $75 per session in addition to an existing appointment cost. If an appointment package is being utilized, one appointment plus the added fee will be invoiced. Upon setting up the emergency appointment I will receive a link to pay the additional charge prior to our meeting time.

APPOINTMENT PACKAGES: Unless previously coordinated with Tracy, unused package sessions expire 6 months after purchase.

ABANDONED SESSIONS: I understand that if I do not schedule an appointment or contact Tracy about putting the session(s) on hold after 60 days they will be considered abandoned and will go into a donation pool for survivors that cannot afford their own therapy.