Your Business Online Presence IS your Brand

In the past, you went about creating a brand for your business by selecting “signature” colors, developing a recognizable logo and crafting some matching printed pieces that explain what products or services you offer. Today, that’s just not enough.

Branding today means so much more. It’s what your company stands for as well as the tone, voice and style you use to interact with your customers – essentially, it’s the message you want your company to convey about who you are and what solutions you provide. People shop, do research, watch videos and socialize online… and they rely on recommendations from friends, family and colleagues as well as current customer reviews to make buying decisions – in other words, they use “social proof.”

How do you build a Cohesive & Engaging Brand Strategy?

If you haven’t been able to sort out what social media platforms to use and aren’t sure what type of messaging is reaching your intended targets, what should you do? What’s your first step?

A Branding Audit identifies the opportunities you’re missing and determines if your messaging is aligned across all platforms. After analyzing your current social footprint, you will be given an action plan to flesh out your message, determine which platforms resonate with your audience, what types of media are capturing the most attention and how to maximize your marketing budget for better conversions and sales.

Many companies don’t have the time or expertise to fully evaluate the “big picture” of their online business presence. In order to build a strong and instantly recognizable brand, your message needs to be consistent in all areas online and offline. Tracy will provide an in-depth review of your social footprint and break it down into actionable items that can be distributed to the appropriate teams, are measurable and are aligned across all platforms.

What Does a Brand Audit Look Like?

  • Review current Social Media Profiles – look for consistency of image, message, etc.
  • Determine best platform(s) for your product/services – use trending tools, click-thru rates, etc.
  • Go over current editorial calendar – who write articles; how often; what media?
  • Evaluate which metrics you should be monitoring

What’s the Bottom Line?

Companies need to be “human.” It’s all about relationships, engagement and providing solutions. Only after you understand what message you want to convey and take steps to make it clear and consistent, reach your customers where they like to engage and do a great job of showing that you care, will you create a brand strategy that sticks.

Call 303‑459‑2686 or contact Tracy to schedule your Brand Strategy Audit as a first step in building a credible, recognizable brand for your company.